About me

I am a researcher at the COSIC research group and a Ph.D. candidate at LANTAM taskforce of the imec-DistriNet research group at KU Leuven in Belgium.

My research activities are supervised by

Research interests (more here):

  • Secure multiparty computation (MPC) and homomorphic encryption (HE)
  • Storage security using applied cryptography
  • Middleware and software architecture: adaptation, reflection and data security
  • Cloud computing infrastructure: capacity planning, container orchestration frameworks

I received a Master’s degree in distributed systems and computer networks from the University of Antwerp (Belgium, 2014), and a Bachelor’s degrees in computer hardware engineering from the University of Isfahan (Iran, 2010).

Previously, I was a research associate at the imec-DistriNet research group, KU Leuven. Before joining imec-DistriNet, I worked on cloud computing subjects in Alcatel-Lucent (now Nokia) as part of my Master’s thesis research. Furthermore, I worked for a number of years in the software industry as a software engineer in the Brussels region.

The latest news and what am I doing now?

  • At COSIC, my current goal is to understand and explore the applications of secure multiparty computation (MPC) and homomorphic encryption (HE).
  • I joined the COSIC research group at KU Leuven.
  • I am finalizing my Ph.D. dissertation.
  • My master’s thesis students: Jonathan Du & Pieter-Jan Vrielynck successfully defended their thesis.
  • In collaboration with several colleaguess at distrinet, we submitted a paper to the ICSOC’21 conference on the security of large-scale microservice applications in the scope of lazy evaluation of access control policies.
  • I supervise 3 smart master’s thesis students.
  • (on hold atm due to my heavy workload) Working on an extension to ScrambleDB to support more functionalities without extra leakage